What We Support

Our organization is committed to supporting the Bath House in realizing its commitment to nurturing the arts, encouraging diversity, and strengthening community relationships.

What We Do

We're a board that is passionate about the Bath House and actively involved in its commitment to our diverse community

Encourage a Learning Environment Encourage a Learning Environment

for children and adults alike

Sponsor Events Sponsor Events

for Dallas’ diverse cultures and the artist community at large

Foster Community Involvement Foster Community Involvement

for the uninterrupted preservation of the Landmark building    

Secure Funds Secure Funds

through fundraisers targeted to support programs and improvements

Promote Advocacy Promote Advocacy

with the City of Dallas to ensure the Bath House continues to thrive

Raise Awareness Raise Awareness

to promote the Center’s programs and events throughout Dallas    

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24 Apr 2018

We Love the Lake-a-Palooza! Sponsors!

Without Lake-a-Palooza! Music Fest’s SPONSORS, we couldn’t make this a FREE event! Give a shout-out to all of them! Check them out along with our line-up of entertainment & activities here! 4.28 | 1PM to 8PM | Bath House | 521 East Lawther | Dallas

23 Apr 2018

Bring the kids to Lake-a-Palooza!

Bring the kids to Lake-a-Palooza!

Just look at all the fun activities we’ve planned for them, and adults too! Be sure to brush up on your Silly Walk to make the most of your entrance to our 2nd annual FREE event here.

22 Apr 2018

Help Make Lake-a-Palooza! the Best Fest!

Help Make Lake-a-Palooza! the Best Fest!

Volunteer with Us for Lake-a-Palooza! Music Fest!! Rollup your sleeves and have a great time supporting the Bath House while giving back to the arts-loving community.  More than simply greeting people at the door, our volunteers are involved with mounting shows like this Music Fest.  Working with kids, orchestrating the Ministry of Silly Walks, passing out […]

21 Apr 2018

Lake-a-Palooza! Entertainment Line-up

Lake-a-Palooza! Entertainment Line-up

Take a peek at our line-up for our FREE Lake-a-Palooza! Music Festival 2018! 4 stages | 18 venues. What more could you want? How about food/beverages/kids activities/community groups? We got it covered! 4.28 | 1PM-8PM |Bath House | Dallas. CHECK IT OUT: http://ow.ly/uEsH50h5twe

What People Are Saying

Read the compliments from our visitors and membership

  • Stephan Strange & Casey Smith, Benefactors

    The Bath House has always held special memories for me, as a life-long lover of White Rock Lake, as I grew up here and returned upon retirement.  When I was a child, I squeezed between ill-fitting gates to play within its abandoned structure.  When I was a young boy, its veranda provided lessons in photographic perspective as well as fanning the flames of young love at sundown.  


    - Stephan Strange & Casey Smith, Benefactors
  • Mark Clayton, Councilman, City of Dallas

    The Friends are incredible volunteers who preserve a jewel of our area selflessly and too often without thanks. They represent the best of East Dallas.

    - Mark Clayton, Councilman, City of Dallas
  • Marty Ray

    A Personal Story and Why I am one of the Friends of the BathHouse

    White Rock Lake is part of my earliest memories. I was born in Dallas and always lived not far from the lake. I fished and played there as a child, went to school parties at the old rock picnic shelter, twirled on the merry-go-round and slid down the slides. I played spin the bottle there as a young teen-ager and roasted hot dogs and watched the stars & moon shine on the waters.


    - Marty Ray
  • Hope this becomes a regular event [in reference to the “Color Outside the Lines” event]. We had a wonderful time.

    - MC Munson
  • Laurie McClurg

    Where is my favorite place to show and sell my art? The Bath House Cultural Center of course. The dedicated professional staff organizes/advertises the show. The Volunteers of the Friends of the Bath House support the artists throughout the entire show. I get to meet wonderful artists & see/buy their work. And our browsers and buyers are the best!

    - Laurie McClurg