Dia de Muertos Opens October 14!

Posted on Sep 30, 2023 in Gallery Show

October 14-November 4, 2023

Reception with the Artists: Sunday, October 15, 2023 (5-7 PM)

The Bath House Cultural Center presents Día de Muertos: A Love Letter for the Departed, an art exhibition inspired by the Mexican celebration of the Day of the Dead that features the works of close to seventy artists from Texas, Arizona, Oregon, and Mexico.

The tradition of the Day of the Dead is deeply linked to the human desire to stay connected to our loved ones even after they have left.  The holiday is a time of celebration and loving remembrance that offers the community an opportunity to honor dear departed relatives and friends in public settings or intimate places.  Although we are nowadays more familiar with the massive Día de Muertos celebrations that take place in cemeteries, community venues, and—increasingly more popular these days—in spectacular parades and processions, it is worth paying closer attention to the personal demonstrations of love that occur in more private ways and sites.

The idea of this exhibition is that the celebration allows us to convey a message of persistent love.  The show focuses on works of art that are metaphorically or literally used as a love letter for the departed.  The pieces of art and altars depict various Day of the Dead themes that are of interest to the artists and many of them include a message of affection in written form.  The exhibition reminds the public that although the Día de Muertos festivity is experienced and observed collectively by many people, it is absolutely fascinating to get a glimpse of the less public, yet potent, manifestations of love for the dead that are ever-present during this time of the year.

The exhibition includes artwork by BJ Anderson, Rita Barnard, Angie Bolling, Maria Huron Brereton, Dwayne Carter, Angela Casanova, Vicki Charlotta, Maureen Cole, Lita Cruz, Sam Cusack, Enrique De Alamirano, Sophia and Estevan De La Rosa, Jorge Domínguez Cruz, Dan and Lori Dudley, Abieyuwa Eigbobo, Jeane Elliott Clayton, Frida Espinoza Müller, Jeremie Fletcher Bourcy, Linda Marie Ford, Jacque Forsher, Kierra Freeman, Leticia Garcia, Erik Gomez, Angel Gonzales, Erica Guajardo, Jim Hastings, Juán J. Hernandez, Jesse Hernandez, Josh Hickman, Duane Johnson, Colby Jones, Joanna Lea LaGrone-Headrick, Sandra Lara, Mavis Leahy, Nadia Leos, Linda López, Elizabeth Mahy, Daniela Maldonado, Cyndi McDonnell, Brenda McKinney, Alondra Mendoza, William Messimer, Marcela Mihaloglou, Beverly Ann (BAM) Moore, Angel Moreno, Bianca Mujica-Morales, Gloria Munson, Crystal Nelson, Amy Palmer, Lisa Jil Payne, Glenys Quick, Rocío Ramírez-Landoll, Reyes (Noin) Rivera, Roberto D. Romero, Raul Servin, Liphus M. Swindall, Kevin Torres, Jose Vargas, Keith Williams, Kathy Windrow, Nancy Windrow-Pearce, Wendy Woodring, and Sharon Zigrossi.

Enrique Fernández Cervantes, Visual Arts Coordinator and Curator of the Bath House Cultural Center and the City of Dallas Office of Arts and Culture curated this exhibition.