Play a role at the Bath House Cultural Center

You, too, can play a role in ensuring that the visual and performing arts continue to have a comfortable, state-of-the art destination at the Bath House Cultural Center.

With your generosity, The Friends of the Bath House Cultural Center is empowered to pursue its philanthropic involvement with the arts community.

Through gifts received from sponsors like you, we can fund projects for this landmark building to create warm, vibrant, and inviting spaces, making the creative arts approachable to all who visit, thus encouraging conversation, exploration and enjoyment.

You may make your gift here.

Donations and in-kind contributions to the Friends of the Bath House Cultural Center are tax deductible within the limits of the law.

You may also send a donation to the Friends of the Bath House Cultural Center at the address below. Please be sure to indicate the donation on your check with your address.

Treasurer, Friends of the Bath House Cultural Center
c/o Bath House Cultural Center
521 E. Lawther Drive
Dallas, TX 75218

Amazon Wish List

If you would prefer to personally select a donated item to the Bath House, please consider a purchase from their Amazon Wish List. You may find the list here:

The staff has been carefully curating items that they can use to support the building and its events, such as the Bath House branded aprons used during the recent Sarita Westrup workshop shown above.

We thank you.