El Corazon Returns! Opening 2.5.2022

Posted on Jan 27, 2022 in News

We are so pleased to announce that El Corazon is back In The [Bath] House!!

Reception With the Artists is scheduled for Saturday, February 5 (5-8 PM), exhibit continues thru March 12.

El Corazón showcases an eclectic collection of artwork created by artists who view and interpret the symbol of the human heart in various imaginative ways.  As expected, the works of art are wide encompassing not only in style and media but also in the choice of subject matter that the artists have chosen to convey ideas about love, companionship, devotion, sorrow, passion, and many other emotions.   Although the title of the exhibition, El Corazón (the heart), is written in Spanish, the art from the show focuses on a more universal view of the heart as a powerful symbol that is embraced and explored by many people in the world.

Jose Vargas, a Dallas artist and independent curator, has collaborated with the Bath House Cultural Center and other venues of the City of Dallas Office of Arts and Culture for many years.  His Corazón show is one of the most enduring and celebrated exhibitions of the center that has attracted national and international artists.  The name of the show comes from a card included in a Mexican board game that is in some ways similar to Bingo called Lotería.  The game uses words and illustrations printed on cards that represent objects and characters that are common in Latin America. One of the cards from the game that depicts a heart pierced by an arrow gave Mr. Vargas the inspiration for his long-running show.

The artists who are participating in the 27th annual El Corazón exhibition are Olga Arredondo-Brock, Lori Brennan, Mick Carr, Michael Carter, Sharin Clark, Joetta Currie, Patricia Curry, Steve Danner, Andrea M. Davis, Carlos Fresquez, Manny Garza, Erica D. Guajardo, Maria Haag, Robert Hamilton, Jose Angel Hernandez, Patrick J. Joven, Kathryn Kneip, Lynda Koshy, Sandy Kulkarni, Joanna LaGrone-Headrick, Al Bato Landoll, Braulio Lazón Conde & Rosalia Salazar Romo, Zander Lim, Eli Lorenz, Romulo Martinez, Juan de Dios Mora, Kelly Morris, James Neiswender, Janet Powell, Rocío Ramirez-Landoll, Reyes (Noin) Rivera, Serina Rodriguez, Joe Sarate, Evan Sartin, Stan Smith, Mack Spence, Dominique Spottswood, Luke Stanford, T. Stone, Jose Vargas, Emily Villarma, Tamara Villarma, Kathy Windrow, Wendy Woodring, Donna Zarbin-Byrne, and Sharon Zigrossi.