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Date(s) - 02/01/2014. 03/01/2014
12:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Bath House Gallery


El Corazón is a show that features diverse creations inspired by the heart (El Corazón), an important symbol in Mexican and Latin American art, and a significant theme in western culture.

Praised for being one of the most popular exhibitions of the year at the Bath House Cultural Center, the annual El Corazón show marks an important milestone in the cultural life of the center in 2014 as it celebrates two decades of existence. More than fifty local and regional artists are participating in this commemorative exhibition. The anniversary show features new works of art created specifically for the exhibition as well as a collection of artwork that adorned the Bath House gallery walls in previous Corazón exhibitions.

Since its first showing in 1993, the Corazón exhibitions have generated great public interest and excitement among local and regional artists. The basic idea for the show, states the Exhibition Curator Jose Vargas, came from a picture of a heart pierced by an arrow that was printed with the number 27 and the words El Corazón on one of the cards of the Mexican board game, Lotería. Mr. Vargas soon realized that many other artists were also attracted to the beauty and symbolism of the heart. Out of that realization, and from that point on, the Curator and hundreds of local and regional artists have continued to collaborate in presenting passionate and beautifully eclectic exhibitions that, even twenty years after, are still as stimulating and fascinating as the inaugural show.

The artists participating in the 20th Anniversary El Corazón exhibition are:
Diana Almand, Rita Barnard, Nancy C. Bass, Apryl Begay, Angie Bolling, Jim Chupa, Patricia Curry, Steve Danner, Andrea Davis, Tony De Carlo, Dan Dudley, Lori Dudley, Brett Dyer, Julio César Flores, María Teresa García Pedroche, Bryan Gooding, Tyra Goodley, Heather Gorham, Denise Althea Graham, Rebecca Guy , Elaine Hernandez, Juán J. Hernández, Desireé Hershon, Juli Hulcy, Cindy Kelley, Santiago López III, Eli Lorenz, Caleb Winter Massey, Janine Maupin, Julia McLain, Tina Medina, William Messimer, Louise Murdock, Sharon Neel Bagley, Linda Nolan, Andrew J. Ortiz, Liliana Ramirez, Kate Schatz, Armando Sebastian, Pam Stern, Linda D. Stokes, Diane Torres, Sam Torres, Jose Vargas, Eric Villarreal, Shelby Vincent, Tina Weger, Lynn Wilkes Armstrong, Theresa Wood, and Julie Zarate.

View the art from Noon – 6 PM, Tuesdays through Saturdays.

"The Burden" - Mixed media assemblage by Caleb Winter Massey