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Date(s) - 05/02/2015. 09/26/2015
12:00 am - 6:00 pm

White Rock Lake Museum, Bath House Cultural Center


Dallas artist, Anna Palmer, has been visiting and photographing White Rock Lake for several years and has never ceased to be amazed at the diversity of life that exists in this well-liked Dallas location. Anna believes that the lake is a popular attraction and destination for a variety of reasons. The artist observes that many people visit the lake to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. The serene setting of the lake offers a tranquil refuge for those who seek a temporary respite from urban stress. Considered a peaceful haven in the middle of the city, White Rock Lake provides a placid atmosphere that appeals to a large number of visitors every day.

But Anna points out that the lake also provides the public with a livelier side that comes from the rich ecosystem found in the area. She expresses that the undisturbed nature and untamed wildlife of the lake are as enticing and stimulating as the gentler side of the lake. Her exhibition offers views of both sides of the ever-changing natural world that one can experience at our beautiful oasis in Dallas.

Anna, who over the past ten years has shown her passion in art exhibitions in the Dallas- Fort Worth area, recalls that creating art of some kind has always been a passion of hers. About her journey as an artist she shares: “At a very young age I knew that I would grow up to be an artist of some sort. After my career as a graphic designer, I left the corporate world to freelance, which gave me the opportunity to pursue alternate creative outlets.” The artist explains that photography is the medium that she chose to show how she sees her world. The interplay of light and shadow, color and composition captured in a single moment appeals to her sense of urgency to record it. Anna mentions that most of the time she is not actively looking for a subject. Instead, she says, the subject just shows itself and, in response, she takes a picture. That spontaneous process, the artist admits, makes her very happy.