Friends Make “A Place to Perform” Come Clean” at Bath House Cultural Center

Posted on Jul 30, 2013 in News

The most beloved piece of public art at White Rock Lake, “A Place to Perform,” by Dallas artist Linnea Glatt, was treated to a good cleaning and sealing by the Park & Recreation Department and the Friends of the Bath House Cultural Center last week.

The City of Dallas has no funds in the operating budget for maintenance of public art around the city, so the Friends of the Bath House Cultural Center support maintenance of the public art around the Bath House.

“We recognize the importance that ‘A Place to Perform’ has for the Bath House and the hundreds of people who use the amphitheater, so we give it high priority for maintenance,” explained Susan Lecky, President of the Friends organization. Three years ago, the nonprofit organization spearheaded cleaning of the amphitheater with help of community volunteers.

To begin the work this summer, Bath House Manager, Marty Van Kleeck, contacted the Park Department on behalf of the Friends. Joe Ries, Park Maintenance District Manager, East Division, arranged for the actual cleaning of the piece by Park Department employees, Martin Cisneros and Erik Loera. Two days later, Friends board members and volunteers sealed the granite piece to protect it from graffiti and possible damage from Mother Nature. Susan Lecky, Public Art Chairperson, was joined by volunteers Karen Casey, Ruda Anderson, Clay Houston and Enrique Fernandez Cervantes, Visual Arts Coordinator at the Bath House.

Since “A Place to Perform” was installed in 1984, it has lived up to its name as a venue for awards ceremonies by athletic groups as well as performances by the children who attend the Thriving Minds afterschool programs and summer camps. Yoga classes, musical performances and weddings have been held there as well. When it was installed Glatt said of her piece, “It is a real treat because it is not just aesthetically functional – both the neighborhood and the artist can use it.”

As Kineta Massey, Thriving Minds lead teacher said, “Yes, indeed, ‘A Place to Perform’ has certainly lived up to its name!”


From left to right, Friends of the Bath House Cultural Center Board Secretary Karen Casey, Board President Susan Lecky, Bath House Gallery Director Enrique Fernandez, Volunteers Ruda Anderson and Clay Houston apply sealer to A Place to Perform. Photo by Anna Palmer.