Lake-a-Palooza! Awash with Great Art!

Posted on Apr 21, 2017 in General
Lake-a-Palooza! Awash with Great Art!

In addition to the live music performances, the Bath House will host two exhibitions in its gallery spaces.  One of the shows features the work of sixteen visual artists who created artwork that celebrates the musical arts.  The second exhibition includes an eclectic variety of music-related displays from the collection of the Texas Musicians Museum.

The Lake-a-Palooza! Festival and the gallery exhibitions highlight and promote the Bath House Cultural Center’s year-round performing and visual art programs and celebrate the talent of local and regional artists.

The Lake-a-Palooza! exhibition features works by Johnathon C. Foster, Cindy Kelley, Fred Gardner, Rebecca Guy, Rusty Hann, Rick Hublein, Luciano Escobar, Mari Escobar, Jacque Forsher, Ann Ranson, Erin Reeves, Steve Reeves, Balmore Salazar, Elisabeth Schalij, Jose Vargas, and Jack Weaver.

To learn more about the Texas Musicians Museum, visit