Posted on Jul 4, 2014 in News

A new embellishment to the left of the front door of the Bath House heralds the building’s long overdue recognition as a City of Dallas Landmark. Built in 1930, the Bath House is the oldest art deco style structure in Dallas and this award places the Bath House in the rare category of architecturally significant buildings outside of downtown Dallas.

The Bath House began life as a Municipal Swimming Pool in 1930 at White Rock Lake and was used for that purpose until the 1950’s when severe drought forced the City of Dallas to close the pool for public use. When the drought eased in 1958, the “pool” was not reopened. Neglected but sturdy, the structure languished as a haven for winged and four-legged creatures until 1981 when year-long renovations were completed and the first cultural center in Dallas opened its doors.

Already a vibrant part of the cultural life in Dallas, the unique building was designated as a Landmark in 1996 but few people were aware of its special architectural significance. The Friends of the Bath House remedied that omission in 2014 by completing the Landmark Commission process to mount an historic plaque on the façade of the building. The handsome commemoration signifies yet another important recognition for this beacon of culture in the East Dallas area as well as its importance as a part of the history of White Rock Lake.

Thanks to Karen Casey for her work on arranging this honor!

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