Our Holiday “Petite Party” Was Colorful, Creative, and Highly Decorated!

Posted on Dec 11, 2015 in News, Petite Party
Our Holiday “Petite Party” Was Colorful, Creative, and Highly Decorated!

Despite the countdown to Christmas, the Bath House received many guests to a really fun evening of coloring pages and ornament decor.  Some people cut out their pages and inserted them into the mugs provided for a unique holiday gift!    Cross-over creativity soon was abound, with Karen Casey starting the trend.  After coloring her page she slipped over to the ornament table to use glue and glitter, adding a bit of  sparkle to her end product.  As an added bonus, Ed Sholty showed people how to fold stars and origami cranes out of holiday wrapping paper.


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How cool is this?  We had several mother and daughter pairs, including our board member, Mimi Jernigan and her daughter, Bridgette.

Once a few early people learned a couple tricks on ornament decorating, they shared their new-found knowledge with later arrivals, and before you knew it, new and creative techniques were developed on the spot.  The ornaments were spectacular and you can tell by the smiling faces their creators were quite pleased themselves!

The entire Bath House staff was on hand, working of course! but soon they settled into visiting with their guests, coloring, and folding stars.  A special acknowledgement goes to Charlie Beavers, who sourced the coloring pages and laid them out so when cut out, they’d nestle very nicely into the mugs.  Of course none of this would be possible without Marty Van Kleeck’s creative oversight and desire to slip this event into the Bath House’s overflowing schedule.  And Enrique Cervantes Fernandez?  I’ve know Enrique for many years, and this is the first time I’ve not seem him juggling multiple deadlines simultaneously–he was so chill!

As always, this was a complimentary event hosted by the Bath House and supported by the Friends.  Wine, food, and all the coloring and decorating materials were provided.  How easy it was for people to just pop in and start relaxing, creating, and socializing!  Keep an eye on this blog as well as our Facebook page for upcoming events like this.

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