Sustainer Membership and above.

Package of 12 unique artists notecards with matching envelopes in clear box.

On the back of each card, the artist’s name, contact information, title, media, and year produced are provided.

For this series, artists include Barbara Dybala, Essie P. Graham, Nomadic Fungi Institute (Brad Ford Smith), Sharon Neely Bagley, Laurie McClurg, Richard Ray, Bob Quaglia, Marty Ray, Sharon O’Callaghan Shero, Erin Reeves, and Susan Giller.


Theater Tickets

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On renewal or joining at these levels, our Membership Chair will provide you with a voucher for two complimentary tickets to a theater group appearing at the Bath House.  These groups include One Thirty Productions, Wingspan Theatre, and Echo Theatre.  Check our Playbill here, our online calendar here, or visit the theatre websites for show information.


Patron and Benefactor Membership.

You will automatically receive invitations to our salons as they are scheduled.

Unique Artwork

Benefactor Membership Level.

The following artworks are limited editions or one-of-a-kind pieces.  As editions are depleted or unique pieces are selected by other members, these items will no longer be available, however, we will replenish the collections with new items.

Browse our artwork options below to choose your gift.  Once you’ve made your selection, Complete the Benefactor Artwork Selection Form to advise of your selection and press Submit.
We will follow-up with you to make arrangements for delivery.

Benefactor Artwork Selection Form
  • Select the artwork of your choice and input the artist's name.

Additional artwork will  be refreshed throughout the year.

Artwork selections

Makeshift Photography

MakeShift Photography consists of Erin and Steve Reeves who have been collaborating since 2009.  While the pair primarily work as fine art photographers, they work in a number of other areas including professional portraiture, production and performance stills, real estate photography, commissioned art, art reproductions and teaching classes on photography and digital printing.  Their work has been published in Black & White Magazine, has been displayed at the Oak Cliff Cultural Center and Kettle Art Gallery, and was commissioned for use in the new Baylor Scott & White Medical Center in Waxahachie and Richland Oaks Counseling Center in Richardson.

Hidden Mosaic Jewelry by Barbara Dybala
Creating art with mosaic has been part of Barbara Dybala’s creative journey for many years. It is her creative thought process that encompasses everything she sees. Barbara’s love affair is in designing and creating one-of-a-kind works of art that inspire others to feel deeply, to think, and to passionately create. 
The pendants are one-of-a-kind and will not be duplicated.
When making your selection, designate the title as Mosaic Jewelry and note which piece you desire by its catalogue letter, ie,  Mosaic Jewelery “A”
Rectangular pendants are approximately .5″W X 2″ H.
Triangular pendants are approximately 1″W X 1.5″ H.
Terri Thoman

Hand-pulled Chinese Zodiac Engravings, 5.5″ X 5.5″ in limited edition of 100.  12 animals to choose from. See chart to find your zodiac sign!

Woodcut Prints, 6″X 4″ or 4″ X 6″ (8″ X 10″ matted) in limited edition of 50.


Sharon O’Callaghan Shero

Toy Camera Photography, 8″ X 8″ in limited edition of 50.

Six Flags Under Katrina, a Fauxtojournalist Series

Documenting the remains of the Six Flags park in New Orleans with a “toy” camera seems only appropriate. Since the amusement park’s ruination by Hurricane Katrina, the site has remained a static “rest” in the tragic symphony of the 9th Ward. With its rides and architecture decomposing over time, and unsecured, it has been a mecca for graffiti taggers. With the brilliant sun revealing the park’s grim artifice, remnants of rides and colossus-size mannequins strewn about by an apparently angry god, photographing the site with a quirky camera that delivers unworldly results is, to my mind, a fitting tool.


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