Marty Ray

Posted on Jan 26, 2016 in
Marty Ray

A Personal Story and Why I am one of the Friends of the BathHouse

White Rock Lake is part of my earliest memories. I was born in Dallas and always lived not far from the lake. I fished and played there as a child, went to school parties at the old rock picnic shelter, twirled on the merry-go-round and slid down the slides. I played spin the bottle there as a young teen-ager and roasted hot dogs and watched the stars & moon shine on the waters.

My lst date with Richard was to go fishing at White Rock Lake. Hugh early memories are of swimming at the lake’s sandy beach pool and changing my swimsuit and showering at the BathHouse. Those times are vivid memories with my family in the 1950’s.

Now, so many years later, I continue to go to the BathHouse but not to swim, but to be with Art and friends. It is such pleasure to still have a personal connection with this place. As artists, Richard and I have shown in a variety of exhibits there including Richard’s one person show in the BathHouse Museum.

The Bath House sitting in place at the water’s edge has had changing roles through the years. Today, many in the Dallas arts community recognize the Bath House Cultural Center as part of the soul of our community. Richard and I are proud to lend support as original and continuing members of the Friends of the Bath House. May this place continue to thrive and touch many more lives as it has touched ours.